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Big News: We have just launched our new course on Udemy!
Superfast Physics for 14 to 16 year olds

To celebrate, we are offering a massive 95% discount (to 2 significant figures!) for our awesome students using this site.

The discount code is: AWESOME_PHYSICS
or click here to go directly to the course.

Our course is based on our book which is available on Amazon, The Ultimate Guide to Remembering GCSE Physics. It is all about mnemonics and memory aids for GCSE and IGCSE physics and it contains over 800 questions!
– The course has 12 hours of video explaining each memory aid and
working through questions.
– It also has multiple choice and downloadable practice questions.
– You can even ask us questions on the discussion boards as it is an
interactive experience.

See you there!

We specialize in the high school sciences and mathematics.

Biology          Chemistry          Physics          Maths

     GCSE and IGCSE               AS and A Level               IB HL and SL

Also: University interview preparation and choosing your university

These are the curricula we have the most experience in teaching although we can easily adapt our sessions to other curricula as needed.

We are available to tutor individuals and groups.

We can even help new teachers improve their science and mathematics teaching skills.

We adapt each session to your needs so you can progress quickly and feel confident.