Our Philosophy

1. Anyone can learn anything if given the right support.

2. It is much easier to succeed in education if you enjoy the process of learning.

3. It is easier to walk across a large bridge than it is to swim across a large fast-flowing river.

Learning is like preparing for a marathon.

  • You do it at a pace that works for you while trying to push yourself to do it better and faster than you did before.
  • Whenever you hit something that you don’t understand or hasn’t been well explained it’s as if someone has given you a river to swim past before you can continue with your training. The more you don’t understand, the more rivers you have to cross before you can catch up with everyone else.
  • While you are trying to cross these new rivers, you still have to do the normal training for the marathon.
  • At this rate you may never catch up as too many rivers block your path. At some point you have to take breaks, eat, sleep and live life.

That’s why tutoring is so important. It builds bridges across the rivers so you can catch up more easily. That way you can keep up your training, improve your performance and win the marathon.