Why use online tutoring?   

There are many benefits to using online tutors:

  • Online tutoring gives you access to the best tutors worldwide, not just the ones that are close.
  • Tutors can personalize your sessions much more than teachers in a classroom so that you can progress faster and farther.
  • With a webcam and microphone, the experience is very similar to tutoring in person. We use a graphics pad and share our screen so that we can write with you. You can also write by using either your own graphics pad, using a touch device that allows handwriting or even writing on a piece of paper and showing your answers to the camera.
  • The software that we use for conferencing means that you can record your sessions. This way you can review the information covered whenever and as often as you want.
  • Tutoring can be done one-on-one or in small groups according to your needs.
  • You don’t waste any time or fuel traveling to meet with a tutor.
  • You don’t need to find a special place to meet with your tutor. You can meet with them wherever you feel most comfortable. This can be where you have all your resources.

What subjects and levels do you cover?   

We have taught GCSE, IGCSE, AS level, A level and IB HL and SL. We have taught mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry including labs and we have supported students with direction during their extended essays.

Each of these curricula have slightly different emphasis however the information is generally very similar. If you are not taking one of these courses we are still likely able to cater to your needs. To find out if we are right for you please feel free to contact us.

Can I do a group session with a couple of friends?   

Absolutely! You can often learn very effectively with friends helping you along. We encourage group sessions. Prices per student get lower the larger the number of participants so contact us to get a price for your situation.

We can only accept payment once for a group booking. If one person does not show up for a session, it is counted as a ‘no show’ and the session continues without them.

Do you do university interview support and preparation?   

Yes. We have helped students prepare successfully for some of the most prestigious universities in the world; Oxford, Cambridge as well as the others in the Russel group of universities.

Can I buy sessions as a gift for someone?  

Of course you can! In fact we encourage this as sometimes students can feel uncomfortable seeking extra help.

If I buy a block of 10 sessions can I do them all at once?   

Under normal circumstances we like to limit sessions to 1-3, however, if it has been discussed and agreed in advance we can cover more in a single week. We would not be able to do 10 sessions all in one day however as we expect preparation to occur on both sides.

How long is a session?   

The sessions last for 55 minutes.

Can I pass unused sessions onto someone else?  

You can either pass sessions on or share them if you like. The sessions must be used within 1 year of initial purchase. You must inform us that the sessions are being passed on or shared so that we know who to expect. We may need to have another initial meeting to assess their needs as well.

What happens if there are technical difficulties on either side?   

Technical difficulties happen. It is the nature of the modern world. When this occurs don’t worry, the fastest way to resolve these issues is normally to restart the computer. This should only take a couple of minutes. In the case where this does not work then it is best to stop the session and try again at a different time. Under these circumstances, when it is not possible to perform the session due to technical difficulties at the student’s side, then we will suggest stopping the session and rescheduling. This will only use 1/2 of the session time up. It will be treated the same as a cancellation between 4 hours and 30 minutes before the session starts.

To reduce the chances of this occurring, settings will be checked during our initial meeting. (See the question “How do you know what to teach me?”)

If the student does not show up for the session and later claims technical difficulties then this will count as a no-show for the session and will use up the session time. Please contact us as soon as you are experiencing any technical difficulties to avoid this eventuality.

If the technical difficulties are on our side then we will reschedule at no cost to the student.

What happens if I am late?  

The session begins when you scheduled it and will end at the previously agreed time. Generally this is for 55 minutes. The teachers will wait for 15 minutes into the session for the students to appear. It is the company policy that students who have not shown up to the session in the first 15 minutes count as a no-show and the tutor will be under no obligation to wait further.

If you know you are going to be late then let us know as soon as possible. Our tutors are very understanding.

Can you refund the money to a different account?   

It is the company policy that any refund will be given to the original purchaser of the sessions.

Can I get a refund if I don’t use all of my sessions?   

A refund can be given on unused sessions. The cost paid originally will be divided by the number of sessions that were purchased to determine a cost per session. The unused sessions will be refunded minus a 15% administration fee. The cost for the unused sessions will be refunded to the original purchaser’s account.

How do I book a session time?   

Contact us by e-mail requesting a time and date. If this is not possible then we can respond with an alternative time and date until we find a time that works for both parties.

You can contact us either before or after purchasing sessions. 

How do you know what to teach me?   

Once you have paid for at least one session, we will ask you to send us an e-mail containing information about your needs. We will then schedule a short meeting to discuss this. This meeting also enables us to test your system to ensure that it is set up properly so we don’t waste time with unnecessary technical issues during your paid session. This is free and does not count as a session. During this meeting we will discuss your curriculum, the areas you want help with, your timetable, and any other questions or requirements.

We will discuss with you your needs, however tutoring is far more interactive than teaching. Teaching is a set-up that is required when you have many students in a classroom. Tutoring is a much less formal event between a student and an expert in the subject of interest. The tutor can respond to your questions and challenge you personally to ensure that you are comfortable with the information that has been covered.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a booked session?  

You can cancel or reschedule a session at any time however there are some caveats:

  • If you cancel up to 4 hours before a session is due to begin there is no penalty. It is expected that this will be done by e-mail and you can reschedule it for another day.
  • If you cancel between 4 hours and 30 minutes before the session then the penalty is half a session. You will be able to reschedule for another day but it will only be for half of the time.
  • If you cancel less than 30 minutes before the session is due to begin then the penalty is one session. You cannot reschedule the session for free.
  • If you do not cancel but do not turn up for a scheduled session then the penalty is the same as if you cancel within 30 minutes. You forfeit the scheduled session.

This policy is designed to be as understanding as possible towards extenuating circumstances.

Do I need any special equipment for sessions?  

You definitely need a computer, internet connection, microphone and a webcam.

You should also come prepared to learn the subject as you would in a classroom.

You should bring:

  • Your textbook
  • Pens or pencils, paper, calculator, ruler etc as required for the subject you are studying.
  • You may also find it helpful to have a graphics pad to improve communication electronically but this is not essential.

How do I pay?  

Payment is via PayPal. The payment button on this site links directly to the PayPal website. This offers a variety of payment methods and increases your safety online.